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All the banking solutions you need in one easy to use app

Argent is designed for everyone. Use it to save and invest your money, make and request payments and send money to you contacts.Easy, fast and safe.


Manage and earn money

Create different accounts, invest in saving accounts and use the app to make and request payments.


Control your spending

Check your past transactions, see how much you've spent and how much you have earned.


Send money for free

As fast and easy as chosing among your contacts, typing the amount and pressing send!

Are you a Merchant? Elevate Your Earnings: Transform Your Shop into an Argent Point!

Elevate your business and boost your earnings by becoming part of the Argent's network. By managing one of our proprietary ATMs, you can turn your shop into an Argent Point - a hub for easy cash deposits and withdrawals. Earn extra money and attract more customers!

Become an Argent Point

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Real Stories, Real Impact

Hear from our users about how Argent has made banking simpler, accessible, and rewarding for them.

  • Using Argent's app is incredibly straightforward. Everything made sense, and I was able to navigate it with ease.

    Mamadou Diallo
    Market Vendor
  • I run a small shop selling traditional fabrics and since my shop became an Argent Point I make more money and I have more peace of mind.

    Aissatou Barry
    Shop Owner
  • I couldn't believe how quick and efficient Argent made my transactions. Now, I can focus more on my small catering business.

    Kadiatou Soumah